Process Machinery Solutions

We have complete lines with sections for washing, pulping, strainer, extractor, enzymatic deactivator, evaporator, degasser, pasteurizer, among others.

We offer a variety of equipment to produce fruit and vegetable purees, natural or concentrated, intended to be packaged aseptically, to be frozen, either to produce juices, mixes and jams, with adjustable capacities according to customer needs, user.

For all the fruits and vegetables grown, that become directly from the harvest, we offer machines and equipment necessary to receive the raw material, for the transformation and conservation of the product.

Aseptic Fillers

We lead in the world market because we can aseptically fill liquid and semi-dense products with or without chunks, vegetables and tomatoes or filling of preparations for dairy and food and yogurt, previously sterilized.

Filling a product under conditions of absolute asepticity is one of the most critical aspects in modern plants for food processing, since, if during this phase there is not complete reliability in the aseptic sealing of the plant, it is not possible to have guarantees on the preservation of the product. Even microscopic exposures and contaminations can cause really big damage both on the economic side and on the positive image of the company.

Types of Machinery